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Chocolate has a long and interesting history that deserves its own section, however we can tell you that it for many years this delicacy keeps amazing everyone who is looking for an exceptional flavor.

At the Great Harvest in Mentor, like you, we have a passion for chocolate. That’s why we decided to bake some of our delicious sweets for your chocolate cravings and in the meantime we have also prepared a few fun facts about chocolate.

White Chocolate

Did you know that white chocolate isn’t chocolate? Technically speaking it lacks cocoa a fundamental ingredient that gives chocolate its dark colour. We don't care, it’s still delicious. 

Where Comes Most Of The Cocoa?

Ivory Coast is the largest producer of cocoa in the world with over 37%, followed by Ghana and Indonesia. So if you are eating a chocolate bar right now, there is a good chance that it comes from that african country. 

Health Benefits

There are many benefits from consuming chocolate: It’s a great source of antioxidants which may prevent cancer, it also kills bacteria in your mouth that’s why it prevents tooth decay and the scent of chocolate can make you relax.


In Mexico, at the time of the Mayans cocoa beans were so precious that they were used as a currency and as you can imagine it was an exclusive product reserved for just a few. 

If you love chocolate like we do, make sure to visit our bakery some time soon! We have Chocolate Cream Rolls, Chocolate Bliss Cookies, Chocolate Babka and many other treats waiting for you!

Either if you are a sweet tooth or not, here at Great Harvest we are always baking something interesting for you. No wonder we have the best bread in Mentor. For more information about us and our menu please call (440) 205-8199.
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