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Fall is in full throttle right now, which means that with the new weather, there are new flavors, new colors and new scenery everywhere. An autumn-inspired gift basket can be a great way to enjoy this new season: you can give it to friends/relatives or use it with your family to go on a picnic. 

If you think this is a good idea, and would like to know how to put a fall gift basket together, keep reading this post Great Harvest in Mentor has prepared for you!

How to Prepare a Fall Gift Basket

Gather the Basics

A gift basket should have an array of items for you (or the recipient) to enjoy. A couple of loaves of tasty whole grain bread can be the basis around which you can build up the rest of the gift basket. While you’re at it, make sure to get a big enough basket to put all the items in.

Add a Bit of Fall

“But what makes this bread gift basket fall-themed?”, you may ask. Well, you can add a fall fruit jam jar (like apple or cranberry), for example. You can even throw in a few Pumpkin Oh’s, that won’t only make your basket season-appropriate, but that’ll make it that more delicious.

Give It an Extra Touch

Think about how you’d like to enjoy your basket, and include the necessary items (e.g. a movie). If you’re gifting the basket to someone else, you can include a copy of a book, a bottle of their favorite wine or even a personalized letter to give it a personal touch.

Arrange in a Basket

Now that you have everything ready for the fall gift basket, you should arrange it all nicely inside the basket. you could even put some colored ribbons (inspired by autumn hues) on the handles as decoration.

For the Best Bread in Mentor…

Now that you know how to prepare a fall gift basket, you just need the items to put one together! For the bread and the Pumpkin Oh’s, come to Great Harvest. Our variety of flavors and overall deliciousness is sure to make your taste buds dance. Call (440) 205-8199 to learn what we have in store for you today.
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