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There are many good reasons for not skipping the breakfast, as this meal provides your brain and body with enough energy to start your day and fulfill you busy schedule. Plus, a healthy breakfast can lower the risk of certain diseases. That’s why at Great Harvest in Mentor, we created the following post containing useful advice on creating the perfect french toast. 


One of the most recurrent problems is adding too much sugar to the custard. Using powdered sugar instead of granulated may be the answer, as it will dissolve faster. However, you should be extra careful if you are going to serve sweet toppings on your toast. Plus, you should mix all the ingredients thoroughly. 

Choosing the Bread

Remember that you should use thick bread slices, as you will be soaking them in your custard, and using stale bread is a good idea. Also, there are certain types of bread that are perfect for your french toast, so try choosing Pullman, Challah or Brioche breads next time you prepare this treat.  

Using the Right Heat

A burned toast can also be a problem and it will leave a soggy inside. Keep in mind that you should preheat the pan and use butter. Don’t forget that you should use a paper towel to remove any burned butter before placing a new batch. 

Forgetting about your breakfast during those busy mornings can happen, however you should remember these simple ideas that will only take a few minutes. Pancakes are also the perfect breakfast idea, so be sure to read our guide on preparing these delicious treats. 

For Bread in Mentor

Remember that whole grains also contain the nutrients that your family need for a perfect day. That’s why at Great Harvest, we use freshly milled whole grain flour in our products. Consider us next time you are looking for the best bread in Mentor. Call (440) 205-8199 to learn more about our unique menu.
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