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Tea is a millennial drink that originated in China and was later popularised by the British. Through the years it has added a great amount of enthusiasts all over the world that has led to create a whole tea culture. No wonder why it’s the second most consumed drink in the world right behind water. 

Here at Great Harvest in Mentor we know how some people can’t start their day without a cup of tea and a freshly baked bread. That’s why we made a list with some fun facts you probably didn’t know about this popular and delicious drink.

Camellia Sinensis

What does black tea, yellow tea, white tea and other tea varieties have in common? They are all produced from the leaves and leaf buds of this plant. It depends in the treatment the plant undergoes. 


In 2010 there were produced over 4.5 tonnes of tea worldwide! The number one producer in the world is China, followed by India, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Turkey.


As you know tea also has caffeine, but the L-Theanine makes it milder and it has a different effect in the brain. Some studies link it with memory improvement and it also helps to decrease stress and anxiety.

Darjeeling Tea

It’s considered by many as a luxurious item, since the leaves necessary to produce this tea only grow in a 70 squared area in India and that’s why it’s also known as the champagne of teas. 

It’s no secret that tea is great beverage. Either cold or hot there is no better way to enjoy it than with a slice of bread. A match truly made in heaven.

As you know Great Harvest has the best bread in Mentor! We have a great menu that offers something for everyone! Our Secret?  We use whole grain flour that makes our bread unique and nutritious. For more information about us or our menu please call (440) 205-8199
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