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The most simple things in life are the always the greatest, and you can’t go wrong with a tasty grilled cheese sandwich. Everybody has a childhood memory that involves this amazing treat, no wonder it will always make you feel good and it’s already considered by many as a comfort food. For this reason at Great Harvest in Mentor, we created the following post containing a simple method to create this delight.


It’s recommended that you use a delicious artisanal bread loaf and choose a neutral flavor. Cut it into half an inch slices, this will allow the cheese melt properly. Keep in mind that you should lightly butter each side of the bread.


Again, you can choose any kind of cheese you want, but we would recommended any type that melts well like cheddar, fontina or emmental; remember that you can use a mixture of any high quality cheese. The important part is grating your cheese, which will allow it melting faster.


Remember that your bread should be butter side up, and cook in a nonstick frying pan on medium heat. Allow it to cook for about 3 minutes or until you get a nice golden color on each side. Don’t forget that you can use your spatula to make sure every area gets enough heat.To finish, you can add ketchup, salsa or brown sauce.

A grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect snack for those who are in the mood for something delicious, but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. Another amazing and easy appetizer for your next get together is a delicious onion dip, so be sure to read this previous post.   

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