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We all know how joyful and happy the holidays could be. A time for sharing with our loved ones and colleagues and we try to make then know how much they mean to us. But apart from this there is one particular side effect that will haunt us every year; the overweight from all those delicious meals that will stay with us after those happy days. 

But don’t worry, if you are looking for a hostess gift or simply looking for the right thing to share. We have plenty of healthy choices for you here at your Great Harvest Company in Mentor.

Gift Baskets

Forget about those chocolate bars and candies you give every year as a gift. We have a series of holiday baskets full of our products that  that will meet your budget and needs.

Comfort and joy basket

Its name says everything, this basket contains a gourmet soup mix, a dozen fresh rolls and the America’s favorite batter bread.Abundant basketLike the horn of plenty, this basket is abundant in nourishing products; a fresh loaf of Honey Whole Wheat, the speciality loaf, a batter bread complemented with a gourmet jam, a honey bear and a Great Harvest bread knife. Do we need to say more?

Tray of threats

Holidays are about sharing, what better way than spending time with your loved ones around the table and his basket offers the best excuse to do so; Two loaves of batter bread, a specialty loaf, twelve giant cookies, six muffins and a Great Harvest bread knife. All this could be displayed on in a basket or on a tray, your choice.

Basket of gratitude

You know what they say ‘Be thankful for what you got’ well, with this basket it doesn’t get any better; Two loaves of batter bread, A Honey Whole Wheat, a speciality loaf of the day, twelve giant cookies, one bag of our granola, a gourmet jam, a honey bear and a Great Harvest bread knife. Again, you can choose between displaying it in a basket or on a tray.

Holiday ‘Grab and go’ gifts

It doesn´t stops here! We have some options that will fit to your budget and gift list! From our famous oatmeal mix to a Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix. There is something for everyone. Needless to say all of our products are fresh and we also have gift cards available. You can make any basket into  gluten free by simply adding $5. 

This holiday season is meant to share and pamper your family, friends and colleagues and what better way than the best bread in Mentor available through the Great Harvest Company

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