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Making pancakes may look simple. You just have to create your batter and put it on the frying pan, right? Well, it’s not that easy. Pancakes require special attention, which can be the difference between having a great breakfast or not. 

At Great Harvest in Mentor, we want you to enjoy this delicious treat. That’s why we tell you a few tips to make the perfect pancakes. 


It all starts with the right ingredients. Try the Great Harvest mix flour! It will give your pancakes a great flavour.  Also, use your scale to weigh the ingredients. This will let you know the exact amounts you should use.

The Batter

Some people prepare the batter a few days before using it. Don’t do that! It will only thicken the batter. Also, don’t try to get rid of the lumps! It will only overwork the batter.

Your Frying Pan

Always use a non-sticking pan and make sure it’s preheated. You have to be careful though. Too much heat will burn your pancakes. When you pour the mix, try to get a nice, even layer.

Flip Them!

When one side is cooked it’s time to flip it. Don’t press it or and flip it several times. Those are common mistakes that could ruin your pancake!

These simple tips will avoid those dense and burned pancakes, remember them next time you are making this delicacy. 

Don’t forget that at Great Harvest, we have our own pancake mix made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives, that will make your creations even more delicious. 

Also, our bread and sweets menu has something for everyone. Think about us, next time you are looking for the best bread in Mentor.

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