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Summer is finally here and we sure missed these sunny days! The nice weather invites us to enjoy outdoor activities and grilling should be on your list.

If you like to grill, hamburgers are a must in your menu. At Great Harvest in Mentor, we want you to surprise your guests. That’s why we have a few tips that will make your burgers even more delicious. 
Consider these ideas:


The main ingredient definitely demands especial attention. The most common choice is chuck. It has fat which is what makes a burger juicy. Don’t forget that too much fat will shrink your patties when you cook them. 


This is really up to you, but there are two things you can’t forget: salt and pepper. Salt should be added once the patties are formed. Remember that you shouldn’t handle the meat too much - it will make your burger harder.


High heat is fundamental for a perfect burger. You should flip your burgers only once, and never squish your burger with a spatula! it will only remove the juices from your meat.


A delicious hamburger calls for a great bun. Remember that at Great Harvest, we have freshly baked buns for that amazing day! 

These simple tips are essential to create an amazing burger! For a complete meal, don’t forget about these dessert ideas

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for buns, sweets or sandwiches. At Great Harvest, we have the best bread in Mentor.

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